For the Read Me series, I asked a group of friends to describe a specific photograph, as they would to a blind person. No constraints were posed as to the length, style, or format of the description. The image was also run through an image recognition API, Cloudsight. Afterwards, each text was translated to Braille Grade 1 and imprinted onto a blown-up copy of the original image.

Something is always potentially inaccessible: those who can see the image may not be able to decode the descriptions, and those who can read Braille, while creating their own mental image from the sum of the descriptions, may not be able to see the image itself.

A big thank you to everyone who collaborated on this project: Abel Andrade, Alexandra Belo, José Carlos Neves, Sara Vicente, Susana Pires, Tiago Rorke, and Vitor Mingacho. 

︎︎︎ Photographic prints with Braille emboss