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Presented the project Supertopia, together with Nikolas Ferranddis, at the international conference Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity and Uncertainty, Colégio Almada Negreiros, Universisdade NOVA, Lisbon, 24 May, 2024. photo © Luca Rui

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Get a chance to tour Halaqat Residency Showcase for New Media Arts, September 11th, from 6 to 8 p.m.
Sabah ElHadid, Natalia Jordanova, Sally Samaan and Ana Teresa Vicente are media artists from Europe and the Arab region whose work has been on display at Goethe Cairo. 

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The second stage of the Halaqat Media Arts Residency is taking place at at Goethe-Institut Kairo organised together with Cairotronica كايروترونيكا
Halaqat means "circles" or "links". Its spirit is to consolidate meeting points and build bridges between Europe and the Arab world.

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“Portuguese artist Ana Teresa Vicente, funded by Lisbon’s Fundação Oriente, describes her time at In-Situ’s residency in Hong Kong as hugely impactful, both creatively and personally”
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The project 9:11am that I developed in collaboration with Filipe Matos will be shown at The Performing Photobook Exhibition. The exhibition “aims to re-establish a new relationship with the photobook by opening our imagination, isolating and performing the photobook through our senses and gesture, both publicly and privately. The public becomes the performer” (Francesca Seravalle, FORMAT23 Photobook Market Curator). 
More info on the 9:11am project here and FORMAT23 here
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This paper presents my research and experimentation developed throughout the ongoing project “From Transtopia to Supertopia”. The confereence proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Creation in Arts, Media and Technology (ARTeFACTo) can be found here
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Emissão de "O Futuro Não Está Escrito", na Rádio Movimento (Lisboa), com o tema Futuro da Arte. Acesso aqui
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Mobility, Funding, Crisis as a Permanent State, Fair Cultural Relations, Sharing of Expertise. These five topics were the end point of the Lessons for the Future the Halaqat experts drafted together in Brussels in May 2022. These Lessons for the Future have established the path by which improved cultural relations between Europe and the Arab world can be achieved. Download here
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FBAUL 2011*21 PRÉMIOS AWARDSDigital version of the book Prémios/Awards 2011-2021, by FBAUL. 
Timelessness exhibition at Ars Electronica Campus, co-curated with Professor Mónica Mendes (2019). Access here
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ARTeFACTo 2022 MACAO (MO)was held on the 24th and 25th of November 2022 at the University of Saint Joseph, in Macau S.A.R. (China) and hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Virtual Exhibition here.
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In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of ARCHIVO, here is a short video about my practice. Incredibly joyful to be part of this community. More info here, video here.
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Halaqat means "circles" or "links". Its spirit is to consolidate meeting points and build bridges between Europe and the Arab world. More info here
Organised by Bozar - Centre for Fine Arts, Goethe-Institut, and iMAL (Brussels, BE). 
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9:11am | SUC-CESS  Fim de Emissão#6 at Desterro (PT) with the 9:11am project, collab with Filipe Matos. More info here
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INTERVIEW | KARINA SMIGLA-BOBINSKI  Interview with the artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski, published at FLAT Journal (UCLA), a platform that engages with contemporary conversations surrounding emerging media in the arts. The intimate and interactive nature of Bobinski's work is a springboard to explore how feelings of reciprocity and connection arise in her work. Read here
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REVISTA  INVISIBILIDADES #16Artigo baseado na minha tese de doutoramento e escrito com Professor Doutor José Bidarra. Revista Ibero-Americana de pesquisa em educação, cultura e arte. Mais info aqui
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ACHIVO PAPERS  | VOL. 1 Issue 02  Under the theme Mythologies of the 21st Century, edited by Andrés Pachón and Ana Catarina Pinho. Article Dark traces of Material Luminescense regarding Julia Varela’s work, and _IMG01_Encoded Replication, about Mishka Henner’s book. 
Access here.
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TAIPEI PHOTO 2020 | FACING THE FUTURE | AfterShot (TW)A new iteration of Wandering Gaze was shown at the Taipei Photo Festival 2020, Taiwan. The exhibition was curated by Yu-Juan Tseng and Erik H Zepka.  Artists: Ana Teresa Vicente, Brigitta Zics, Erik H Zepka, JooYoung Oh Jooyoung Oh, Kasia Molga, Wang, Hsin-Jen, Wu, Ke Jyun Ke, CHIN, CHI-PING, Tseng, Kung-Ta, Tseng, Yu-Chuan.
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IBÉRICAS 2020 | TRANSTOPIA Y BIO-RESISTENCIA | URJC (ES)Ana Teresa Vicente y Laura Benítez Valero protagonizaron el encuentro Ibéricas+ 2020 con una exposición de su trabajo y un suculento diálogo sobre el tránsito, la debacle ecológica y los focos de resistencia activa. Más info aqui.
Filed under: artist talk, collab, Spain, online, ibericas2020 (PT)Invited adjunct lecturer at, IPL (PT), Sound & Image course. Teaching classes such as Alternative Photographic Processes, Photo Project, Digital Technologies, and Digital Lab. Photos ©
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FOTOMUSEUM WINTERTHUR (CH)29.02. – 18.10.2020
Wandering Gaze exhibited at SITUATION #196, SITUATIONS/The Right to Look, installation view at Fotomuseum Winterthur © Philipp Ottendörfer. More info here.
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IN-SITU (HK) ARTIST TALK  Live-stream of my artist talk regarding my AIR at In-Situ and V54, in Hong Kong, 2020. Watch here. 
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ARTIST RESIDENCY AT IN-SITU AND V54, HONG KONGMy research project Transtopia had the support of Fundação Oriente and In-situ - Hong Kong Artist in Residency (Kowloon, Hong Kong) and V54 - Young Artist in Residency (Happy Valley, Hong Kong).
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So grateful to be the recepient of a grant from Fundação Oriente, to pursue an artist residency in Hong Kong, in 2020. Also had the oportunity to visit Fundação Oriente in Macau, during my residency period. More info here Filed under: artist residency, grant, article, Fundação Oriente

PhD Viva discussion and exhibition of my work at FBAUL, Lisbon (PT). Had eyeball-cupcakes for the jurors and atendees. Tasty!
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TIMELESSNESS, ARS ELECTRONICA CAMPUS (AT) The exhibition, curated by Prof Mónica Mendes and Ana Teresa Vicente, calls upon temporality, space, and memory as key ingredients. It gathered artistic projects by students from all degrees, in the scope of the Multimedia Art Department of  FBAUL. Info here and here.
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2047 PHOTO ESSAYA virtual and organic exhibition of the photographs I took in Hong Kong and Macau, for Flanzine magazine. Here.
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FICTION, SELECTIONS FROM THE SEAGRAVE MUSEUM (USA)For this exhibition at the DAAP Gallery, real artists were assigned labels describing (or failing to describe) the fabricated works of fictional artists on display in the legendarily odd Seagrave Museum, whose curator is haunted by the ghost of one of the artists. More info here.
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The event was organised by University of West London (UK) and examined photography as simultaneously material and immaterial, addressing not only the tangible properties of photographic objects, but also the ecosystems in which they circulate.
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ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL 2019 (GR)Wandering Gaze exhibited at the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece, as partof the 2019 edition of Athens Photo Festival. More innfo here.
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APESAR DE VOCÊ | TALK | WAKING LIFE FESTIVAL (PT) Panel with the theme of art as resistance in the face of power, at Festival Waking Life, Crato (PT). 
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FORMAT19 FESTIVAL (UK)The interactive piece Wandering Gaze, was presented at The Tramshed, FORMAT International Photography Festival – organised in partnership between QUAD and the University of Derby (UK). More info here.
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IMMERSIVE | IMERSIVO EXHIBITION, SNBA (PT)As part of the Stereo & Immersive Media - Photography and Sound Reseach event in 2018, presented a conference and exhibited the interactive installation Wandering Gaze at SNBA (PT). More info here.
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BINARY/NON-BINARY, GESTE (FR) GESTE Paris is an annual underground exhibition of experimental photography. Curators for Binary / Non-Binary were Shiva Lynn Burgos, Georg Bak, and Alisa Phommaxahay. More info here.
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ARCHIVO | OPEN STUDIO (PT)Open Studio with exhibition and presentation of my PhD research at Archivo, Porto (PT), with José Maçãs de Carvalho. Filed under: exhibition, presentation, studio, porto, archivo, phd

ARCHIVOZINE: VERNACULAR“The connstant flux of reapropriation, a conversation with Clare Strand”, published in ARCHIVO: Vernacular, In The Age of Digital Culture, Nº 17. Porto (PT).
More info here.
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POST-SCREEN: RESEARCH PROJECT (PT)This research project was developed by Ana Teresa Vicente and Helena Ferreira, with editions in 2014 and 2016. FBAUL (CIEBA), ULHT (CICANT) and Fundação Millenium bcp. More info here.
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CONFERENCE | ECAH17 (UK)Presented the paper 
“Image fragments and text excerpts: Narrative, Family Stories and Pierre Sorlin's The Film in History” at The European Conference on Arts & Humanities 2017 in Brighton.
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SEVENTH CONFERENCE | THE IMAGE (UK) Conference, exhibition, and graduate scholar award with the theme: Face Value - Personification and Identity in a Post-digital Age, Art and Design Academy, Liverpool John Moores University (UK). Filed under: conference, exhibition, graduate scholar award, uk, identity, post-digital

FLANVERSA | PHOTOS FOR INTERVIEW Shot some portraits for João Pedro Azul’s interview with the editor of (Não)Edições, João Concha. More info here
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CONTEMPHOTO’16 | ISTANBUL (TR)Conference and publication of "The Object-Photograph: Materiality, Identity and Gesture" for the International Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography Conference, Istanbul, (TR).
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