The series Failure is a Given explores the potential of digital interferences. Having as point of departure a set of printed photographs without the corresponding negatives, the original photographs were scanned and then digitally modified.

The decorative white borders were left intact, as I had a keen interest in exploring the possibility of a digitised photograph maintaining certain qualities of the photograph-as-object. I’ve kept the shading artefacts and border noise as entities in their own right.

As the object-photograph is condensed into an image on the screen, its material features are reduced: we cannot touch the photograph, read the notes on the back, feel the smoothness or the roughness of the paper, for example. They are therefore transformed into one-dimensional digital substitutes.

The layers of digital artefacts were reworked through the use of repetition, duplication, distortion, obliteration of details, suppression or concealment of certain areas. I’m interested in bringing to the foreground the different digital tools used in the process of altering the images.

︎︎︎ Digitised vintage prints with digital manipulation