My work explores the relationship between critical theory and multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Kierkegaard and Buckminster Fuller, new tensions are manufactured from both opaque and transparent textures.

What starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a carnival of lust, leaving only a sense of dread and the chance of a new beginning.

As shimmering derivatives become distorted through emergent and academic practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the edges of our era.

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What I really like to do is stuff with things.

︎︎︎ Research 
︎︎︎ Studio practice
︎︎︎ Invited adjunct lecturer at ESAD.cr (PT)

Academic education
︎︎︎ PhD in Fine Arts - Photography, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUL), FCT Doctoral Studies Fellowship SFRH/BD/91327/2012; Member of Centro de Investigação e de Estudos em Belas-Artes (CIEBA, FBAUL);
︎︎︎ Master Degree in Fine Arts - Painting (FBAUL);
︎︎︎ Degree in Fine-Arts - Painting (FBAUL), specialisation in photochemical photography and darkroom practices;
︎︎︎ Image and Movement course, Centro de Imagem e Técnicas Narrativas do Centro sde Arte Moderna José de Azeredo Perdigão, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian.

Selection of exhibitions
ARTeFACTo Macau (MO); Taipei Photo Festival 2020 (TW); SITUATIONS / The Right to Look, Fotomuseum Winterthur (CH); Selections from the Seagrave Museum, DAAP Gallery (USA); Timelessness, Ars Electronica, Campus Exhibition (AT), Athens Photo Festival (GR); FORMAT19 (UK); Binary/Non-binary, GESTE Paris (FR); Immersive | Imersivo, Stereo & Immersive Media18, SNBA (PT); Failure is a Given, Archivo Studio (PT); Face-Value: Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age, Liverpool John Moores University (UK); O Chiado da Dramaturgia e da Performance - Arte na Esfera Pública, Museu Arqueológico do Carmo (PT); Finalistas, Mestrado em Pintura, Galeria da FBAUL (PT); XV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (GR); eCREA Prize, EMERGENTS international festival of photography and visual arts (ES); Jovens Criadores 09, Palácio D. Manuel (PT); Pandora’s box, BAC!10, International Festival of Contemporary Art (ES); Finalistas, SNBA (PT); 3.41, Interpress (PT).  
Selection of publications includeArchivo Platform 10-years and Archivo Papers Journal (PT); ARTeFACTo Macau (MO); Revista Invisibilidades (PT); FLAT Journal UCLA (USA); 2047, Flanzine (PT); Post-Screen Research Project - Unspoken Dialogues, Intermittence+interference, Post-Screen: device, medium, and concept (PT); DAKAM Research Centre (TR).

Recent conferences and talks about my practice
ARTeFACTo Macau (MO); IBÉRICAS 2020, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (ES, online); #18.ART: Of the admirable order of things: art, emotion and technology (PT); Transtopia Artist Talk, In-Situ and V54 (HK); Waking Life Festival (PT); Stereo & Immersive Media Conference 18 (PT); FEMeeting (PT); The European Conference on Arts & Humanities ECAH2017 (UK); Seventh Conference on The Image, Liverpool John Moores University (UK); CONTEMPHOTO’16: International Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography Conference Istambul (TR); Post-Screen: Um projecto de investigação em arte”. FBAUL (PT).

Full CV upon request.