Touch Me

Photographic prints with black thermochromic ink that turns transparent with the heat from our hands

For the Touch Me series, I started by digitising small areas of the appropriated negatives that contained hands. After blowing up these images, each print was silkscreened with black thermochromic ink at Oficina Loba.

The thermochromic ink is heat-sensitive and turns transparent with temperatures above 25ºC. As such, the prints appear very dark. It is only by touching and warming their surface with the heat from our hands that the images underneath are “developed”. After a while, the ink will revert back to its original colour, thus preventing us to see what’s underneath.


Touch me. Linger on my surface for a while.
Incite the latent image in me to reveal itself.
Make my opacity dissolve.
Stain me with your warmth.
Touch me. Leave a mark.
The traces you lay down will soon vanish.
The image will once more become opaque.
Hidden and obscured, I’ll again wait for you to
Touch me.

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