Hong Kong will be fully integrated into the Chinese administration in 2047. Until then, the “one state, two systems” agreement stands, which translates into the administrative and economic independence of the city of Hong Kong but which has, effectively, turned it into an integral part of China.

Ana Teresa Vicente landed in Hong Kong on January 4th 2020, where she will hold an artistic residency — In Situ: Hong Kong AIR — for three months, with the support of Fundação Oriente. As a frequent author of Flanzine, we challenged her to develop a photo essay of the daily life in the city, at a time of great local political and social tension. This is how 2047 arose, as a virtual and organic exhibition of her stay in Hong Kong and her passage through Macau.

The research she’s developing is based on three propositions: What if the archivist’s worst nightmare came true and all our paper-based archives were suddenly lost forever, the body of each document mercilessly eaten away by a strange virus or bug plague? What if all the layers that map and separate the real and the imagined city suddenly collapsed onto themselves? Our ecological odds are just as flimsy, what’s the use in trying to encapsulate fauna and flora in a jar?

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